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Adapted to the fast pace of a modern man, modular construction, as the most advanced solution in the Construction field, allows much faster execution of works and construction of the buildings than traditional methods does, making planning and forecasting potential costs of constructing the desired object or working/living complex easier.

You no longer have to wait to earn or save a lot of money to afford yourself a house, vacation home or work space from your dreams. You can make a step towards your dreams today! By monting the installation units, modular objects are built according to the individual needs and requirements of the clients, and they are giving the possibility of subsequent expansion of the already built space at any time and without the risk of significantly impairing or spoiling the existing architectural design.


objects are distinguished by:

  • Fast building
  • Less time spent on construction works
  • Economic efficiency - easier planning and forecasting potential costs of constructing the desired object or working/living complex
  • Ability to upgrade the space at any time
  • Standardly installed thermal insulation, with the possibility of selecting thermal insulation with respect to the location of the installation
  • Quality - the facilities are manufactured in accordance with CE and ISO standards
  • The 'turnkey' system - you can move in in a short time
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We offer the latest and most modern solutions in the field of architecture and construction. Our team of experienced experts stands at your disposal and is always ready to listen to your ideas, understand your vision and requirements and, in accordance with your needs and wishes in express time, to efficiently and qualityly produce and install your desired facility. Arhimod’s modular objects are of high quality, made according to the highest world standards, easily expandable and do not require long-lasting construction works - able to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.